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How to choose the best Home Tutor?

Updated: May 16

Once you have decided to engage a home tutor or private tuition for your child, then comes the most important step of choosing a tutor which is best for your child.

An important point to be noted here is "the best tutor" term is relative and it varies. The one which is best for your child may not work for his peer mates or vice versa.

Since home tuition is a personalised experience so deciding which one is best cannot be generic.

As it is not feasible to change the tutor now and then so one has to make the right choice as it will have a lot of repercussions on the future performance of your child.

So keep following things always in mind to ensure that you always choose the best.

List the key subjects you want a tutor for and make sure that the tutor is thorough with the course and has sufficient teaching experience of the desired standard.

The tutor who is already taking classes or taught before to the same standard and school may be preferred as he/she is well aware of the system being followed in school and particular areas which needs attention.

Where does the tutor stay and what is the mode of conveyance? In case the tutor is coming from far off and dependent on public transport he/she may find it difficult to be punctual.

Timings. It is one thing which shall be discussed well in advance and one has to make sure that the timings fixed will not be changed unilaterally afterwards.

Preference should be given to the tutor who can come when at least one of the parents is available at home. As it greatly affects the efficiency of the classes and necessary for regular evaluation.

Best tutor is one who is willing to devote extra time and support whenever required like during exams and especially when the student requires more attention.

How many students the tutor is already having. To make sure that one doesn't bite off more than one can chew.

What kind of study material and support mechanism does the tutor have?

As good and refined study material and sample tests can boost the preparation and prove to be crucial for examinations.

One can rely on one's social circle for getting the best tutor who fulfils all the parameters or one can rely on websites like the Anand Tutorials who has the widest range of tutors available from your nearby areas.

It is always better to rely on experienced and tested tutors to save your time and for best results always.

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