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‘A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others’- Mustafa Kemal Ataturuk

Teaching has always been the noblest profession and gathered huge respect from society. When we grow up, most of us at one point of time in our lives have thought to become teachers. Also, most of us have assumed the role of a teacher sometimes teaching our friends, our siblings or taking part-time tuitions.

Most of us must have heard the term home tuition, private tuition, in-home tutoring. Earlier there were a few takers of home tuition or individual tuitions, but in recent times we have seen rampant demand for home tuition especially in tri-city of Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali and its adjoining areas. After Covid-19 crisis, the demand for individual tuition classes has increased many folds both offline as well as the online medium because of social distancing and travelling restrictions imposed.

Earlier there was an assumption that the profession of home tutor is meant only for students, unemployed or as a part-time profession but in recent times we have seen many success stories of professional home tutors and now many people have taken home tuition as their full-time profession. Some of them have left their high paying jobs to become professional home tutors because it gives a feeling of self-accomplishment along with a promising career.

Here are some benefits of becoming a Home Tutor/ Online Tutor.

High paying job

Home tutor is one of the high paying jobs in consideration of time spent. Depending on the subject and level of teaching one can earn 20-25K per month on an average basis by spending 4-5 hrs daily, if one is giving more time then there is no upper limit to it.

Flexible timings

Everyone wants flexibility in timings and work as per their convenience. Home tuition gives you the liberty to work as per your wishes and you are your boss. In-home tuition, you decide your work timings and your working hours which you can fix with your students.

Online Classes

As we have seen in recent times of lockdown, online classes have emerged as a saviour in tough times. Availability of many platforms like Zoom, Skype, Meet, Ms Team, etc has facilitated the online classes which anyone takes even without any technical background. Online classes offer easy and safety which no other profession offers as on today. If one becomes reputed and experienced online tutor then there is a huge opportunity for growth. Online classes are still growing industry and we can expect huge growth in this sector in years to come. So one can always have a beginner’s edge.

Opportunity for growth

While working as a home tutor one has ample opportunity for growth. One can manage to get ample time to pursue one’s passion or learn new skills. One gets to know with influential people and such contacts can give big leads.

Learning while earning

As in teaching profession learning never stops. While you are teaching students, you end up revising and brushing your skills. While teaching and preparing assignments one get to know so many things. One can pursue own studies while taking home tuition.

Qualification required becoming a home tutor

There is no such thumb-rule regarding qualification required to become a home tutor, but more qualified has always an edge over others. So one’s qualification should be suitable for the level of teaching for example for taking classes up to primary level graduation is sufficient along with required skills and experience to tackle students and developing sitting habit and concentration. For classes up to 12th, a postgraduate tutor is preferable. As teaching is a skill-based activity, qualification is not the only parameter when it comes to the selection of a tutor, there are many other factors like experience, subject knowledge, pedagogy, communication skills and much more. So one has to apply for a tutoring job keeping all these factors in mind for getting the most suitable teaching jobs and to ensure success for all.

Minimum Experience required

There is no such bar on minimum experience for taking home tuition. As already mentioned teaching is a skill-based job, so a candidate can prove to be an ideal tutor even with minimal experience if one posses dedication and zeal for teaching. Still, an experienced tutor is always in demand so a minimum teaching experience of 2-3 years is expected while you are applying for a tutoring job.


To apply for a home tutoring job in Chandigarh/ Panchkula/ Mohali you need to fill-up the form with your basic details like your name, address, contact information, subjects and classes you are willing to take, areas of operation, experience and qualification details and other basic details.

After filling online application you will be sent suitable queries and you are expected to give demo classes as per the need of students.

Home Tutoring jobs offer a promising and satisfying career in comparison to most of the private sector jobs and one can always become a professional home tutor and sky is the limit.

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