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Robust Planning

Students normally get 1-2 year period to prepare for IIT-JEE exam, although most of the students are not able to effectively utilize this whole period and leading to much pressure in final days.

Proper planning is key to the effective utilization of the time to avoid the last-minute rush. Planning is the single thing which can make a difference between a winner and a loser. It doesn’t matter how well you are in studies, planning is the area where all the students have to give utmost importance whether fresher or a repeater.

Ideal planning consists of all the aspects like coaching, study material, time management, notes preparation, self-assessment, mock tests, school exams, workout, social gatherings and much more. The plans should have sufficient room to absorb bottlenecks.

Time Management.

Proper time management is the key to success for any task; IIT-JEE is no different. Prepare a time table for all 7 days of the week. While preparing the time table the following things should be kept in mind.

Time table should be prepared by keeping in mind the practical limitations and should be realistic and achievable.

All the subjects need to be given due importance and work loaded should be divided evenly among all the days of the week, as far as possible. Favourite subjects should preferably be kept on weekends as holidays are generally in a lighter mood.

Make necessary changes from time to time, based on actual performance and improvement needed, keeping in mind the overall target that has to be achieved well in time.


Selecting coaching classes is the toughest decision every aspirant has to make. There are many options available nowadays. Online classes are emerging as favourite especially after COVID.

While choosing the mode of tuition various factors have to be kept in mind like the time involved in travelling, student-teacher ratio, health and various other factors. Opting individual coaching classes can be a win-win situation where you can get personalized attention to clear all your doubts and health risk is also reduced to a minimum.

Availing home tutor can save precious time involved in travelling and you can study in the safety and comfort of your home and you can focus on topics where much attention is required.

Concept-based learning

Nowadays pattern of IIT-JEE has shifted more towards conceptual learning rather than direct questions. You while learning, the focus should be conceptual clarity and prepare from examination point of view.

Whenever learning a topic, all possible questions which can be asked in the exam should be covered along to get the exam perspective.

Back to basics

Sometimes students tend to jump towards the advanced level of a subject without clearing basic course. So the first focus of any aspirant should be school education and that NCERT books which builds the basics.

Time is a key aspect here and textbook course should be covered in beginning itself to get sufficient time for advance studies. Restrict your sources to 2-3 as covering more sources will create a problem at the time of revision.

Generally, handwritten notes provide better insight than any best seller book can give and there is a personal touch in it.


The human mind tends to forget things after a while if not recapped and revised periodically. So adequate time has to be given for revision preferably three revisions weekly, fortnightly and monthly.

While preparing notes, key points should be highlighted so at the time of revision one can focus on key points and it saves a lot of time in revision.


Timely evaluation helps to check the progress and make sure that everything is going as planned. The success of any plan cannot be ensured without periodical evaluation and assessment. It can be self-assessment with the help of online sources where the topic wise test is available or with the help of a mentor.

More stress should be given on key topics carrying more weightage. Timely and regular evaluation and comparison with predetermined benchmarks to track the progress is the key to success and should be a part of every time table. It is advisable to rely on past years papers in the final days of your preparation.

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